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WTS CONCEPT SHOPが2月25日東京に移転オープン

メディアWTSの世界観を体験できるリアルショップWTS CONCEPT SHOPが2月25日に東京に移転オープンする。




またアーカイヴを取り扱うことで昨今の大量生産・消費・廃棄に対するファッション業界の課題への取り組み、 “循環”の要素も含んでおり、日々消費されていくだけの服とは異なるブランドの過去を紐解くことで価値を再認識、今後も”循環”を経てアーカイヴとして残り続けるものを提案する役割をWTS CONCEPT SHOPは担っていきたい。


アイテムと空間に呼応するように家具には、1939年のスイス国際博覧会の公式屋外用チェアとしても採用されたHans CorayのMEWA社製Landi Chairや海外の有名ギャラリーではプルーヴェやペリアン、ポストモダンの家具とコーディネートされることが多くアート性の高いアイテムでAtelier A社の1970年代製オリジナルAndre CazenaveのRock Lamp、かつて原宿に存在したCAFE MYSTIQUE TOKYOの為だけに作られたが故に製品化されておらず世界中でも日本にしかないPhilippe StarckのMYSTIQUE chairなどの希少な家具をセレクトし、WTSのコンセプトに合う空間を演出。

WTS CONCEPT SHOPにて探す、見る、触れる、纏うをぜひ体験していただきたい。

住所:東京都渋谷区神宮前2-22-2 FOLD BLD 1F


12:00~20:00 (水曜日定休日)

WTS CONCEPT SHOP opening tomorrow.

WTS CONCEPT SHOP, a real shop where you can experience the world of media WTS, will relocate to Tokyo on February 25th.

Here, we select and sell rare items such as rare sneakers, archives, accessories, etc. that will connect the past to the future and will be handed down in the future. We also handle some designer brands that match the concept of WTS.

The sneaker line-up includes items that were sold at famous auctions such as Sotheby’s, as well as limited-edition models and samples that are on par with art pieces.

In the archive, select items that match the store from designer brands such as RAF SIMONS, DIOR HOMME, COMME des GARCONS, UNDERCOVER, and NUMBER (N)INE to STUSSY, SUPREME, RECON, and GOODENOUGH.

Among them, the concept is to dig deeper into fashion and enjoy it by transmitting why it is rare and valuable, the backbone of the brand and items, the persuasive power of the items, the reasons for selecting them, and the culture.

In addition, by dealing with archives, we are addressing the fashion industry’s challenges with recent mass production, consumption, and disposal. WTS CONCEPT SHOP wants to play a role in reaffirming the value and proposing things that will continue to remain as archives through “circulation”.

The interior of the store, which is lined with rare items like a museum, has an underground atmosphere reminiscent of Harajuku from the 90’s to the early 2000’s, but at the same time, it is a space where the past and the future cross over to make you feel like you are in the future.

For the furniture, Hans Coray’s MEWA Landi Chair, which was adopted as the official outdoor chair for the 1939 Swiss International Exposition, as well as Prouvé, Perriand, and postmodern furniture from famous galleries overseas. A highly artistic item that is often coordinated with furniture, Atelier A’s 1970s original Andre Cazenave Rock Lamp, which was made only for CAFE MYSTIQUE TOKYO in Harajuku, has not been commercialized. We selected rare furniture such as Philippe Starck’s MYSTIQUE chair, which can only be found in Japan, to create a space that matches the concept of WTS.

We would like you to experience searching, seeing, touching and wearing at WTS CONCEPT SHOP.

Address:2-22-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo FOLD BLD 1F


Business hours:12:00~20:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)