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Stussy × Converse releasing on June 10th.

English follows Japanese.

先日Nikeとのコラボレーションを発売したSTUSSYよりAir Force1とのコラボレーションが発売されるようだ。ブラックとフォッシルストーンの2色展開で12月11日発売予定とのこと。


Stussy x Nike Air Max Penny 5が2022年に発売。(12/26更新)

Stussy×Air Force1 Midが5/13発売予定。(5/4更新)



Nike will release another collaboration with STUSSY. They will release Air Force1 in 2 colors such as black and fossil stone. This collaboration releasing on December 11th.

Black color releasing on December 15th at SNKRS.(Updates December 14th)

Stussy×ISPA releasing this season.(Updates January 15th)

Stussy x Nike Air Max Penny 5 releasing in 2022.(Updates December 26th)

Stussy×Air Force1 Mid releasing on May 13th.(Updates May 4th)

Stussy×Converse releasing on June 10th at Stussy Chapters and releasing on 16th at SNKRS.(Updates June 8th)





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