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Sneaker Archive(Nike Air Force1 MOMOSE)



今回は、その中でもかなり貴重な一足、Nike Air Force1 百瀬塾を紹介したい。



その自身の学びの経験を百瀬塾という刺繍で表現したNike Air Force1 Low 百瀬塾。

fragment designなどのロゴはないが藤原ヒロシ氏が手がけた名作の一つと言えるだろう。

Nike and Hiroshi Fujiwara have collaborated on a number of masterpieces.

In addition to those released to the general public, there are also samples, F&F, and other models that many people never seen before.

This time, we would like to introduce a very valuable pair, the Nike Air Force 1 Momose Juku.

It is said that Hiroshi Fujiwara distributed this pair to the people concerned when Hiromichi Momose, the man who set up PRIDE(It’s like UFC) and was called the monster of PRIDE, passed away.

Mr. Fujiwara learned a lots of thing from Mr. Momose, including how to live life and business, and looked up to him as a mentor.

The Nike Air Force 1 Low Momose Juku(School) is an embroidered representation of his learning experience.

Although there is no logo such as fragment design, however this is one of Hiroshi Fujiwara’s masterpieces.