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Pitti Uomo has postponed due to COVID concerns.

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フィレンツェを拠点とするトレードショー「Pitti Immagine Uomo」は、1月に開催されるイベントのスペシャルゲストとしてAnn Demeulemeesterを招待することを発表。

ピッティ・ウオモ、ピッティ・イマジンのコミュニケーション&イベント・ディレクターのLapo Cianchi氏は、「アン・ドゥムルメステールのスタイルを私たちは常に愛してきました。彼女の不適合なアプローチと、国際的なシーンで冷静に、しかし断固として正確な場所を占める能力、そしてオリジナルの直観に忠実でありながら、刷新する適性の両方です。


Pitti Uomoがイタリアで広がる新型コロナウィルスの感染拡大の影響を受けて延期を発表。また、こちらのイベントで行われるはずであったAnn Demeulemeesterのショーも現段階では延期となり、6月に行われる予定となっている。(1/7更新)


Florence based trade show Pitti Immagine Uomo has announced Ann Demeulemeester as the special guest for the event in January.

Pitti Uomo, Lapo Cianchi, Director of Communication and Events at Pitti Imagine said: “We have always loved the style of Ann Demeulemeester, both for her nonconformist approach and ability to calmly, yet resolutely occupy a precise space on the international scene, as well as for her aptitude for renewal, while remaining faithful to an original intuition: the new pathway, set into motion by a visionary entrepreneur like Claudio Antonioli, builds upon these tendencies by undertaking an ideal dialogue with the founder and her standards.

We are honoured to recall here in Florence a story that began 40 years ago, in 1982. The event created for Pitti Uomo 101 will have a special energy, thanks to the exchange between different forms of creative expression, a special attention for the younger generations and a synchronised tale, between future, present and art, that recounts the fashion of Ann Demeulemeester.”

Pitti Uomo has postponed due to COVID concerns.This year’s 101 show was slated to begin on January 11 with famed Ann Demeulemeester as the special guest.

At this time, Pitti Uomo 101 is set to take place in June of this year.(Update January 8th)