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Off White release affordable line called For all.

Off-White×Nike 2018コレクションやWorld Cupコレクションなど話題に事欠かないOff Whiteより手頃な価格で購入できるコレクションが登場。

For allと名付けられたコレクションではTシャツを$95(¥11,000)、パーカーを$170(¥19,000)ほどで展開するようだ。デザイナーのVirgil曰く、新規顧客にOff Whiteを着用してもらえるように作成したとのこと。Off White For allは現在発売中。



Virgil released new collection called For all and this is more affordable line. This collection includes T shirt($95) and hoodie ($170). Speaking to Business of Fashion about the newly-launched line, Virgil Abloh explained that the price tier allows for a new customer to see themselves within the overall concept of the fashion label. Off-White™ can be luxury at a traditional luxury price point, or equally it can be relevant at an affordable price point. For all collection is available now at 11 Off White stores.






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