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Noah Anti Nazi League Collection.

NOAHがAnti Nazi Leagueコレクションを発売。今回のコレクションは、Anti Nazi Leagueが掲げるLove Music、反人種差別に共感しするNoahが製作したコレクション。NOAHは、大人な雰囲気を放つシンプルなデザインに商品の作りの良さが多くの人を惹きつけているブランド。そして、デザイナーのBrendon Babenzien(ブレンドン・バベンジン)は、2006年から2015年までSupremeのクリエイティブ・ディレクターを務めていた人物だ。興味がある方は下記からご購入いただきたい。

・Noah Online


NOAH released  Anti Nazi League Collection. It includes hoodie and long sleeve. They said that“We want to start this year with a reminder to remain constantly aware of the racist actions and dog whistling of those in power now, and to push back against them. We’re up against an administration that would like nothing more than to set us back. Now is the time for us to put our idealism for a better tomorrow to work. Get involved. Fight fascism. Call out racism. Speak truth to power. As the Anti Nazi League has said: “Love Music. Hate Racism.” NOAH is founded by Brendon Babenzien who was a Supreme Creative Designer from 2006 to 2015. Check out NOAH Web site from here.

・Noah Online



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