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FUJIMOTO 22AW Collection.

English follows Japanese.
藤本氏は、文化服装学院 ファッション流通科 スタイリストコースを卒業後、セレクトショップやインポートブランドの販売員を経て、ドメスティックブランドの企画・セールスとして従事。ファーストシーズンのテーマは、「FAREWELL」告別を意味する言葉であり、同名の宮沢賢治の詩がモチーフっている。自然を愛し、農村で最期を遂げた宮沢賢治をイメージし、素材には、天然素材を中心に使用。ニットには、染色などの工程が行われておらず、素材そのままの色や表情の原毛を使用し、ニットの小麦の刺繍やロープ編みで表現された蝶は、彼の作品に多く登場するもの。

FUJIMOTO by Kyohei Fujimoto unveils his debut collection for Fall-Winter 2022.
Fujimoto graduated from Bunka Fashion College, Fashion Distribution Department, Stylist Course, and worked as a sales representative for select stores and imported brands before engaging in planning and sales for a Japanese brand.

His first collection is named “Farewell,”  inspired by Kenji Miyazawa’s poem of the same name.

This collection is inspired by the image of Kenji Miyazawa, who loved nature and spent his final days in a farming village, natural materials were mainly used for the fabrics. The knitwear is made of raw wool that is not dyed and has the color and expression of the original material, and the butterflies that appear in many of his works are expressed through knit wheat embroidery and rope knitting.
Another inspiration came from the punk band “CRASS,” . While they left a strong message as a punk band, all the members lived a self-sufficient life in a house deep in the mountains. Regardless of ideological or racial differences, they lived together with anyone who visited their house. Patches printed with their messages and hand-stitched with twine, for example, are motifs from punk.

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