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Fear of God Fifth Collection available now.

Fear of GodのデザイナーJerry Lorenzoが最新のコレクション5th CollectionやVansとのコラボレーションモデルにてスタイリングを行ったエディトリアル Grunge and Gloryを公開した。現在、Fifth Collectionは国内でもGR8などより発売中。
Fear of God OnlineにてFifth Collectionの新作が発売開始。(11/25更新)
Jerry Lorenzo posted editorial Grunge and Glory. It is consists of 5th collection,New Era collaboration and Vans Collaboration. Fear of God 5th Collection available at select retailers and vans collaboration coming later this year.
Fear of God second delivery available at Fear of God Online.(Updates November 24th)


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