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Chris Stampd×IKEA

Chris Stampdが手がけるStampdとスウェーデン初の家具量販店IKEAのコラボレーションが公開された。SPÄNSTと名付けられた同コレクションはLA初のStampdらしいシンプルなアイテムがラインナップ。Tシャツ、フーディ、Capなどのアパレルに加えてスケートボード、シューズケース、ハンガー、デスク、アームチェア、収納BOX、クッションなどを展開するようだ。“SPÄNSTは、5月よりIKEAにて発売。また、情報が入り次第、更新致します。




Stampd has unveiled collaboration with Swedish Furniture brand IKEA. It is titled SPÄNST and includes Tee,hoodie,cap,shoes box, skate deck,hanger,desk,chair and more. STAMPD×IKEA will be available in May. Stay tuned for more updates.

Chris Stampd has unveiled custom chair which made by Readymade. It is features 110 stickers on a custom aluminum foil bonded fabric, clear coated with epoxy, restitched and finished with embroidery. It is inspired by a weathered suit case that’d been traveling and sat on at airports for years. This chair is 1 of 1.(Updates April 28th)



Pics Via,Hypebeast