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Black Eye Patch×Aevil Labels available now.

謎のステッカー集団とも称されるBlack Eye PatchがDover Street Market GinzaにてPop Upを3/17〜4/6まで開催。Pop Upでは、Aevil Labels(エイビル ラベルズ)とのコラボレーションTシャツを販売。また、ステッカーやカメラをアートとしてディスプレイした空間にも注目して頂きたい。尚、Tシャツは、DSMGでも販売中なので遠方の方は、こちらをご利用頂きたい。


・Black eye patch online


Japanese label Black Eye Patch opened their pop up store at Dover Street Market Ginza from March 17th to April 6th. The Black Eye Patch collaborated with Aevil Labels to release special collaboration Tee. And this space is decollated by their signature sticker and camera. The collaboration is also available at DSMG E shop.

This collaboration is now available at their online.(Updates May 11th)

・Black eye patch online





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